6 Things Women Need for a Healthy Sex Life


Not able to reach orgasm? Have trouble getting in the right mood? Fret not! The solution could be as simple as how you would like your orgasms to be! So, what does it take to have a satisfying, oh-so-good moment with your partner?

Well, spicing up things in your bedroom isn’t rocket science. However, there are many things that you can try to make your sex life fun and exciting. Whether it’s about boosting libido for women with an aphrodisiac for her or taking the help of toys, many things can help!

In this blog, we will talk about the 6 different ways of improving sexual health for women, which can help you maintain healthy female sexuality for a long time.

  • Be Comfortable in Your Skin

First and foremost, keep all your prejudices related to your body at bay! Don’t be shy of your cellulite, a few extra inches, or your love handles. Be confident of your body and your sexual needs. When you are happy with your own body, you will feel happier and more relaxed in bed.

Do not keep any inhibitions about your body in your mind. After all, only when you have that comfort level with your partner will you enjoy making love to them.

  • Explore Your Body on Your Own

If you aren’t sure about your limits of sexuality, you will not know what you can expect from your partner to attain orgasm. Hence, try out a few toys to explore your body and fully understand what makes you crave more and what doesn’t!

Touching yourself isn’t taboo, and masturbation is healthy too! Masturbation is also the best way to increase libido in women. And what could be better than bringing in some toys in the mix? And don’t worry, a sex toy can never replace a real partner. After all, a toy cannot cuddle you after a satisfying intercourse session, isn’t it?

  • Experimentation is the Key

The key to having a breathtaking coital session is experimenting more in the bedroom! So, why not ditch the old patterns of getting into the act with your partner and rather be open to new things to keep it fresh?

Sex is a two-way street. So, communicate with your partner and discuss what you wish for inside the bedroom. The world of sex is extensive, and to enjoy it better, it’s vital to open your mind to explore new things without any judgments.

  • Be Healthy Physically and Otherwise

Don’t know if you know this already or not but being physically and emotionally fit has a lot to do with a satisfying sex life. Hence, you need to take great care of your mind and body. Only when you are physically and emotionally healthy can you last longer in bed and attain the best kind of orgasms!

Exercise daily, eat nutritious food, keep a check on your mental health, go for a regular shot of an aphrodisiac for her from popular brands like Sipwise, and be active. Sipwise’s Amore – For Her is a specially curated aphrodisiac for women which contains natural ingredients like Fenugreek and Gokshur. Also, believe it or not, your lifestyle can alter your sex life. Try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you will see your sex drive skyrocket in no time!

  • Get Emotionally Aligned with Your Partner

What’s love-making without some conversations and cuddles? After all, sex is always better when you are emotionally aligned with your partner on deeper levels. To create a bond, talk to each other, and do not rush in the act.

Feeling safe with your partner in your most vulnerable state is the key to having the most amazing sex ever! So, work on building a rapport with your partner. Cook together, get into deep conversations with each other, and you will instantly feel more drawn towards them in the bedroom and otherwise.

  • Keep the Right Products Handy

Finally, you must keep a few products in your secret closet to spice up things more during sex. Vaginal dryness is common amongst women. However, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And sex without lubrication may feel irksome and painful.  So, keep a bottle of lube handy.

A natural, water-based lubricant can make foreplay sessions better and more fun too! A simple bottle of lube can make things more comfortable. First, however, make sure that you buy the right one that’s available in the market according to your (and your partner’s) skin sensitivity.


So, don’t you think you should try these proven steps to increase libido in women? But before anything else, as we have discussed earlier, love your body no matter what. This is important because only when you love the body you are in will you feel more comfortable sharing it with someone else.

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