Keep Your Relationship on Track While Sheltering-in-Place Together


COVID-19 came, shelter-in-place restrictions followed, and all of a sudden, it’s just you and your cupcake spending all day and night together. It must have kicked off with a spark, something like a surprise vacation.

 But really… how’s quarantining with your sweetheart coming along? If hell’s breaking loose on you guys, then perhaps your approach is incorrect.

 Being together round-the-clock can be fun but mostly challenging as one partner may invade the other’s space causing arguments or loss of interest.

 PEOPLE interviewed relationship experts about how to keep a relationship on track even when next to each other. Here’s what came out.

  1. I love my bae but can’t stop getting angry with them over minor stuff because we’re together 24/7. How can I regain control of myself?“Alone-time is a must-have for both partners, no matter how connected you are,” according to Karen Waldman, Ph.D., a psychologist of relationships.

Instead of waiting until you get angry at them, spare some time per day to do whatever you like doing alone.

However, this important alone-time should help build you as a person and must never be sought as an escape route when tired of a partner.

“Show love and concern for both when requesting alone-time. Explain both of you may need space at a particular time without making your partner feel rejected,” says Jane Greer, Ph.D., a Marriage & Family therapist.

  1. Our space is tiny, and it’s like my mate is always all over the place. What’s the best way to mark territories?

According to Dr. Greer, this can be fixed by determining everyone’s needs separately, concerning time and space.

How much work time do you need? Which room serves as your office space? And where do you like relaxing after work?

“Failure to agree on these minor things can make one feel like their partner is all over the tiny space,” says Dr. Greer.

  1. With date nights off, we spend the whole day and night together. It feels more like we’re housemates than lovers. What can I do to cheer up our time together?

“Many believe that merely being together means connecting and spending time together, which is always not true,” says Waldman.

The two experts recommend a little physical intimacy to spice up things, a peck, long hugs, cuddling, etc.

You can also replace date night with other staff like spending the evening out to some drinks and a barbeque.

Even if Netflix is all you have, try to make the moment special for your partner and remind them what they mean to you—even if they are always by your side, says Dr. Greer.

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