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How to Avoid Fake Escort Ads Online


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we all had to go online and find ways to occupy our time. Therefore, it was only natural that the fake escort advertisements would start making the rounds and begin causing problems for people. You would click on a photo of a gorgeous, busty woman and wind up being scammed for all of the money in your bank account. It wasn’t a fun experience for those who had the misfortune to run into it, which is why those folks who managed to get around it had to get clever. There are things that you can do to avoid being scammed by fake escort ads online, and it all comes down to knowing how to spot them.

Bad Editing

When it comes to the world of fake escort ads, they’re easy to spot simply because the editing is low-quality and frankly looks like it was done in five minutes by someone with only a cursory knowledge of Photoshop – largely because it often was. A badly edited escort ad will look sloppy and unprofessional. It might have things like spelling mistakes or simply be poorly arranged on the page. There won’t be any clear indicators of the time and effort that have gone into it, and unfortunately, it will show in a big way.

Unsafe Search Results

Thankfully, we live in a world where computers are pretty sophisticated and also assume that you’re not that bright. So if you click on a website link that contains a virus or do something that clearly will put your computer at risk, your PC will often try to block it and give you a warning message. If this ever happens, listen to the computer and come away. You should also delete your history and all cookies from the last hour – not because you’re trying to hide something but because you don’t want malicious files saved.

False Promises

If the ad that you click on doesn’t immediately take you to a high-quality, official-looking website, then it’s probably safe to assume that this, in fact, is not your lucky day. If the link immediately asks for bank details or to provide sensitive information just to access the site, then it’s definitely a scam. If they also ask you to pay to access basic parts of the website, then it’s also a scam. Professional websites won’t do this.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your eye out for fake escort ads online is easier than you might think because the bulk of them look highly suspicious. It’s not difficult to spot the low-quality, clearly a virus, and the ones that aren’t real. If the images are of poor resolution or don’t look real, it’s probably fake. If it’s badly laid out, equally fake. Proper escorts services put a good amount of money and time into their marketing, and when you are dealing with a reputable provider, you’ll know immediately. Stick to trusted sites, and you’ll be fine.

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